Our Mission: Making Memories That Last Forever

By Andy Springer

EDITED 8/5/2020

At Heartwood Church, our mission is to make memories that last forever. It seems like just yesterday when a core of eight precious volunteers pulled together to make Easter in the Park 2018 a success for our community. Since then, our campus has been filled with the loud laughs of children joyfully at play. There were numerous calls of, “Mom, watch me!” from children traveling down waterslides, along with shrills that rang through our ears as Easter eggs were discovered, yard games were enjoyed, and water balloons exploded near-by... What is this?

At Heartwood Church we call it, “Making Memories That Last Forever.”

Thankfully, the sound of kids playing and laughing while having amazing fun is what church life looks on the campus of Heartwood Church. It is our joy to host free, family focused events like Neighborhood Barbecue, Splish-Splash Water Bash, Ice Cream Sundae Sunday, Pizza Blast, and one of my all-time favorites, Mudders Day. That’s right! Last Father’s Day, we tore up the back of our 4-acre campus and created a mud course for dads and kids to enjoy together on Father’s Day. It was the messiest, funniest, and most memorable Father’s Day that I have ever experienced!

Navigating the Tough Mudder at Heartwood Church, 2019

What is it that I like most about ministering at Heartwood, you ask? Making memories that last forever! I am proud of the fact that I get to pastor a church where families can discover that knowing God AND going to church can be fun! Or, another way of saying it, Heartwood is the church that gets to have all the fun. 🙂

NOTE: While our campus had opened for a couple short weekends, due to a rise in COVID-19, we have needed to close our campus again. The following segment reflects this time...
[ With all that has happened this Spring, we sure missed having you on our campus! We are already planning some “come-back” events for September and October, but for now, we want to encourage you to join us as we reopen our campus on Sunday, July 5th. This will be the first time that our campus is open for a Sunday Morning Worship gathering since our Drive in Church Experience on Easter, 2020.

In response to the many concerns that different people have with our community reopening, we are working to create a safe place for you and your family to interact with us on that day and into the future. Please feel free to join us:

  • IN OUR BUILDING, located on the corner of Heartwood Drive and Snyder Lane (4689 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA)
  • ONLINE at heartwoodchurch.com/watch ]

During our challenging times, we continue to serve and to make a difference in our community by serving, counseling, and praying. We're here for you.
Please reach out through our contact page if there is something we can do to help.

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