Easter 2020 Recap at Heartwood

By Andy Springer

Easter is always an uplifting time of year.  Everyone experiences the changing spring weather, the bright decorations, and the fun activities. Too, Christians get added inspiration as they celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  His power over death is a comfort to us in hard times, and we are filled with wonder in consideration of Who He really is!

This Easter was unlike any other, with everyone participating in the isolation of the COVID-19 quarantine.  Nevertheless, we were blessed to be able to celebrate Easter together on our church campus!  At our drive-in service, we were able to participate as a community in worship and contemplation as we listened to the music and the sermon via FM radio.  Seeing the friendly faces our church family (even from a distance through their car windows) was encouraging, along with watching and listening to the worship and enjoying a visit from the Easter Bunny. In all, we had 225 visitors in attendance for which we are very grateful!

The crowd interactions, such as the beeping of horns and flashing of lights, was enjoyable and made my visit adventurous and exciting.  — The “Easter Bunny”

Many who were there agreed with the “Easter Bunny” that the best part was the sense of togetherness.  At Heartwood Church we are working to continue that feeling by encouraging attendance to our Facebook Live videos and our Zoom meetings throughout the week.  We are also making efforts to help our community through our Give Help—Get Help campaign that is run on the Heartwood Church website. If you would like more details about our online broadcasts, need prayer or counseling, or simply want to learn more about Heartwood, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to connecting with you!


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